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Save Money and Time by using DOF Robotics’ AGV

We help industries unlock their business potential by making their hard work pleasant and more efficient with our fully autonomous robots, IGVs and AGVs that move and transport items in production sites, warehouses, and distribution centers without manual intervention.

Our automated guided vehicle solutions include :

  • On-Site Service including installation and commissioning
  • Cost-effective maintenance and spare parts packages
  • Competitive prices
  • 24/7 Professional technical support
Maximum Lifting Hight : 4.5 m
Maximum Payload : 1.5 Tons
Body Size: 1300×1000 mm
Speed : 1.5 m/s
Power Supply: 48 VDC
Navigation: Natural Navigation

Free navigation system

With our solution you don't need to change your warehouse or production site infrastructure. DOF AGV uses the natural navigation system with reflectors which allows it to locate itself and navigate freely in existing environments without the need for markers.

The best traffic management and sequencing

The AGV's smart algorithms optimize your warehouse flows with the best traffic control and precise task management. It can easily avoid traffic jams and respond promptly to unexpected obstacles.

Fast operating speed and yet safe

Our AGV operates at a speed of 1.5 m /s which improves the efficiency of your logistic processes. It constantly scans, intercommunicates and finds faster route options to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Key Benefits

Thanks to DOF Robotics expertise with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), you will be able to transform your rigid warehousing and logistics processes to a fully optimized and flexible operations. Our AGV innovative solution guarantees a high productivity combined with ultimate safety measures.

Technical specifications

DOF Robotics cares about meeting its client’s expectations. Our AGV solution was tailored to fit different customers’ needs and requirements and to be easily integrated

Navigation Type Natural Navigation
Lifting concept Electric, double spindle, single or double scissors
Lifting height 450 mm
Maximum Payload 1.5 Tons
Speed max 1.5 m/s
Dimensions 1300 mm x 1000 mm
Load carriers Pallets, boxes, trolleys
Power Supply 48 VDC
Certification CE certificate

Leave the heavy lifting to DofAGV

Your business is in safe hands.