We provide safe and affordable
healthcare solutions to the World


Safety, efficiency and high standards

DOF Robotics designs and produces intelligent and practical healthcare products with long term impact to save lives. Our R&D team strives every day to bring together the last healthcare technologies and local insights industry to ensure that our solutions are the best on the market.

Our products come with a full-service ranging from technical support, on-site installation, and training of staff to maintenance contracting and after-sales services.

We offer the right product at the right price without compromising on product efficiency

ROBOCARE: Disinfection Robot

Kills 99,99% of hospital-acquired infections

Human Disinfection Cabin

Provides instant protection against viruses

Our company mission is to exceed expectations by

  • Incorporating high quality in everything we do
  • Equipping hospitals and public spaces with efficient and affordable solutions
  • Understanding the detailed needs and wishes of our clients to provide custom-made solutions
  • Integrating sustainability in every aspect of our business

Let's help you choose the best disinfection solution for your business