One of DOF’s great attractions, Dark Ride is a specially designed Simulation platform on a rail or a wheel system. Any of our 6DOF Platforms can be implemented on rails or wheel systems to create Dark Rides.

Dark Ride Specifications:

  • • 2019 Model 6DOF Hexapod robot: Bottom or Back type
  • • Fiberglass seats • A single platform containing 6 Siemens Regenerative Servomotors
  • • One Siemens Simotion control Unit
  • • 6 pieces of sensors for each axis
  • • Special Effects: Water, Rain, Airblast, Fog, Snow and more..
  • • Minimum 150 meters of Dark Ride path
  • • Bus-Bar system • Special 3D HD Display Systems
  • • 3D Active Shutter glasses
  • • On Platform Sound system
  • • Specially created Dark Ride content
  • • Spare piston, spare cable set, other spare parts available