The Flying Theater MLP is our bestselling large-scale flying theater. It is recommended for bigger projects targeting high numbers of seating options which can be up to 90 seating capacity with our MLP ride system.

Guests are feeling more excited high-up even those with space and motion discomfort. The MLP platforms push the guest’s seats toward the huge domed screen. At this moment, the visitors are already immersed in the storyline thanks to our high-quality motion simulation, projection system, and the incorporated virtual reality. will not feel anything except.

  • • Total seat capacity: 24 to 90 passengers
  • • Base gondola seat capacity: 4 to 8 passengers
  • • Allowable passenger size: 1.05 m to 2.05 m
  • • Theorical Hourly capacity: 250 to 1800 pasengers (may vary depending on the film duration, seat capacity of the theater and loading/unloading process)
  • • 7DOF(6 axis Hexapod Robot + 360 Rotation axis)
  • • High quality sound system
  • • High Quality Automation Parts, Servomotors and control units
  • • ADvanced synchronization system
  • • Wind and water effects
  • • Safety gates for each platform